Sunday, 6 January 2013

Trying their best to draw out the elusive Animal “Mr Chi Pig”Chinn, hard core musicians Jon Card, Sean Colig, Ken Flemming, and Kerry Cyr have been furiously creating music in east Vancouver. In order to capture the raw power that is punk rock and finding the missing icon, rumors have spread that a new S.N.F.U record is in the works. Since the beginning Animal Chinn has found his home on thousands of stages across the globe, often cited as the best live act, and considered by many the godfathers of “skate punk” S.N.F.U is preparing the ancient art of guttural, from the heart, defiant music. This will be the key to finding the legendary Chi Pig. Following in the ancient cryptic tradition of S.N.F.U records having seven word titles, taken from Chinese scrolls discovered by Chi, the new album will be known as “ NEVER TOUBLE TROUBLE, UNTIL TROUBLE TOUBLES YOU”. So the search continues……..


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